Our Approach

“The bulk of cyber security is about social engineering.” This is what Cybersleuth Investigations founder Terry Evans discovered while working for the New York State Attorney General.   Social Engineering is about persona-building and using personas to manipulate people through these personas.  Very rarely is it about technology.

Cybersleuth Investigations Founder Terry Evans and his team understand the process that these  criminal sextortionists and perpetrators take to cause fear, embarrassment, and financial ruin for their victims.

Terry and his team understand the criminal’s mindset and seek to proactively and confidentially assess the situation and come up with plan to  stop them before they cause damage and harm.

Cybersleuth Investigations, Inc. provides investigative services exclusively involving cases of sexotortion.  We are one of only a handful of firms worldwide addressing sextortion and employing cybersecurity trained master’s level professionls with years of governmental experience.
r mission is to stop perpetrators from extorting our clients by identifying these individuals and organizations and interruption their money stream, mitigating the impact of client exposure, and supporting clients throughout the crisis.

Our team has a solid working relationship with foreign law enforcement and governmental officials in several locations that have historic proven to be active hotbeds for headquartering sextortion organizations.

Our primary goal is not prosecution. Our focus is to work to ensure that our clients secure the best possible outcome for their unique situations while protecting their confidentiality.

Meet the Team


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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We Can Help…

If you think you are a victim of sextortion, or may be, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Cybersleuth Investigations.  Getting in front of it as quickly as possible is an important factor in mitigating the exposure.

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