Who are targets of sextortion?

Sextortion victimization is not limited to any specific demographic. Anyone from CEOs, attorneys, teachers, law enforcement professionals, politicians, clergy, college students, truck drivers and house wives can fall prey to sextortion. We have successfully assisted victims from 18 to 80 and from all walks of life.

Should I delete my data or profiles to escape them?

Deleting data or profiles will generally not provide any protection. Perpetrators anticipate that most victims will take this action and therefore have already downloaded information and contacts/friends lists prior to initiating threats or making demands. Sometimes deleting a profile can even trigger an attack.

Should I engage with the perpetrators to delay them?

Perpetrators are skilled at social engineering and will use every opportunity to manipulate their targets and gain information.  Attempting to communicate or negotiate places victims at increased jeopardy and often serves to encourage even more demands.

  1. What are some signs that I might be being scammed?
    1. Excessive amount of similar interests and backgrounds. Scammers often research their victims prior to contact and are well prepared to groom and establish relationships.
    2. They shower you with affection very early on. You are made to feel like the perfect companion/lover.
    3. It feels “too good to be true” i.e. a young gorgeous woman liking an older man, etc.
    4. Asks numerous questions about your finances, employment, family and friends.
    5. Offers to “show you mine if you show me yours”. Common for scams involving male victims.
    6. Makes requests for intimate pictures and becomes angry when refused.
    7. Claims some type of emergency and asks for money.

I’m panicking. What should I do?

Perpetrators work to keep their victims in a constant state of panic. When victims feel overwhelmed and confused they are much easier to manipulate into compliance. The best approach is to end the terror by taking back control and seeking assistance early on.