Risk Assessments

Have you been solicited for money by sextortionists or think you may be at risk?

Cybersleuth Investigations team of experts can provide a risk assessment to help bring you peace of mind.

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Sextortion Mitigation

Cybersleuth Investigation's experienced team strives to proactively stop sextortion perpetrators from extorting our clients by attempting to identify these individuals and organizations and working to interrupt their money stream, mitigating the impact of exposure.

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Trusted Partners

Cybersleuth Investigations has a working relationship with foreign law enforcement and governmental officials in several locations that have historically proven to be active hotbeds for headquartering sextortion organizations.

Our focus is to work to ensure that our clients secure the best possible outcome for their unique situations while protecting their confidentiality.

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Protect Yourself

Cybersleuth Investigations, Inc. provides investigative services exclusively involving cases of sexotortion.

We are one of only a handful of firms worldwide addressing sextortion and employing cybersecurity trained master's level professionals with years of governmental experience.

Cybersleuth Investigations, Inc. sole purpose is to confidentially help our clients by identifying these individuals and organizations and minimize the impact of client exposure, and supporting clients throughout the crisis.

Cybersleuth Investigations Clients

Next Steps...

The most important thing to do is to talk to one of our experts. The longer you take, the more risk of exposure you may have.