1. Terry, It would appear you have helped me miss the bullet that was aimed my way. While the subject we were dealing with was very unpleasant, you helped make me comfortable in the process of solving the problem. Your fee can never be enough to thank you for your expertise, your encouraging words and your success of solving problems. Please use this as a recommendation to others of the value I place on you and your abilities. Thank you from my heart.
  2. As a freelance journalist, Terry is my go-to source whenever I'm writing about cyberscams such as online bullying or catfishing. Not only is Terry knowledgeable about the Internet's dark side, he also truly cares about people who have fallen prey to online scammers.
    Linda Childers
  3. Within half an hour of my email your team responded. I was immensely impressed with the turnaround time. Within less than a day I received an answer which saved me from transferring $2000 into the hands of scammers. Thank you for your excellent service. Outstanding! Well done. I will surely promote your services wherever I can.”
  4. I was very pleased at the service I received through Cybersleuth investigations. After supplying them with the information they requested, they were very quick and got back to me in a very timely matter. I would highly recommend their services, if in the event you think you maybe a target for scammers.
    Linda Moore
  5. I’m so grateful I found your site and that you responded so quickly. I was on an online military dating site and didn’t know I was communicating with a scammer. I want to thank you for your help. You are great people! Thank you!
  6. Cybersleuth was great in quickly responding to an inquiry about a person I had met online. They confirmed my suspicions that he was not actually who he said he was. Thanks so much for your service.
  7. I appreciate your support and want to say that the response time and value for money is excellent. I ‘m sure I’II be using you again!
  8. Thank you so much for your help today. I highly recommend this site to anyone who has been scammed and needs help. With the help I was given I avoided being scammed.
  9. "As a professional in training with almost nothing to my name, I can say with confidence that Terry's advice helped me dodge the worst of what could have been the worst event of my life thus far, reverse much of the damage already done and take the steps necessary to move forward with my life. These scammers thrive off people's fear and money, and thanks to Terry, I gave them neither." --Ryan, San Jose, CA
  10. Terry I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me deal with these high pressure, threatening scammers (extortionists). Your understanding of their techniques and the strategy you devised to combat them was the right strategy. Your biggest asset though is your professionalism. The support you provide with your expertise and calming demeanor gave me strength and confidence to work through this very stressful experience.
    Murray - Canada
  11. Thank you for your work sir, you reassured me that everything will be ok and it is. You're help with continuous check ups really assisted with our mission.
    Jonathan - US Military
  12. Thank you so much for saving my life, career, and dignity!
    Lucy - San Francisco, CA
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